You come from a background of artists – has that been a large influence on your own art? Yes it has; my parents led me to an interest in art by taking me to museums and influencing me with their own artistic abilities.

How long have you been creating works of art?

Ever since I was a child I have been artistically inclined, and I have always known that I have wanted it [art] in my life forever.
Are you always interested in graphic design?

Yes I am.

Which do you prefer – traditional art or graphic art?

I prefer graphic art because it allows me to express myself at a higher degree.

Who or what has been the biggest influence on you?

My family is a large influence, and at school, Mrs. Alfredo, the art teacher. They all help me to get better at what I like to do.
Who is your favorite artist?

Milton Glaser because his artistic style is very similar to my own.

What works has he done?

He has designed the well-known “I Love New York” logo.

Does music, films, or other media influence your artwork?

Music and movies are both a major influence in my style. Mostly movies, being that I am a big movie fan.

Any specific movies or musicians?

When I draw I usually listen to music such as The Postal Service and We Are Scientists. Movies that inspire me are “Artificial Intelligence: AI,” “Pulp Fiction” and independent films.

Have you influenced others with your art?

Honestly, I don’t know, but I hope so. My work is not very well-known, but hopefully what I do will one day influence many people.
How do you think art can influence other people?

It influences people in a variety of ways…It’s inspirational, moving, and it could be controversial. It affects people. I guess that’s the only way to describe it.

Have you won any awards or sold and of your artwork?

I have not won or sold any of my artwork, but it has been used in Our Lady Rosary Makers club designs.

Do you want to enter this field later on in life?

Yes, I do. I hopefully will attend an art college and major in graphic design. I want to go to the School of Visual Arts (Manhattan).
You also seem interested in clothes – what are you wearing today?

Just a shirt from Billabong and jeans that I like.

What are your favorite stores?

My favorite stores to shop in are Billabong in Times Square, Element, and online at

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