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Faith Hill is back after nearly three years since her last album, “Cry.” After her short stay on the big-screen in 2004’s “The Stepford Wives,” and the harsh criticism she received for being considered more pop than country, (“Cry’s” singles were ignored by most country radio stations, despite the album being number one on the charts.) she fights back with her song “Mississippi Girl” on her new album “Fireflies.”

She sings: “A Mississippi girl don’t change her ways just ‘cause everybody knows her name – ain’t big headed from a little bit of fame. I still like wearin’ my old ball cap, ridin’ my kids around piggyback. They might know me all around this world, but y’all – I’m still a Mississippi girl.”

This new album – which is sure to produce hits – fits in perfectly with the season. “Sunshine and Summertime” captures the mood of summer while “Fireflies” is reminiscient of childhood and portrays the imagination of a young girl.

Her more emotional songs include, “Like We Never Loved At All,” a duet with husband Tim McGraw. Hill’s softer songs, “Wish for You” and “Paris” were nothing short of magnificent.

“Fireflies” brings Hill back to her roots, proving that she is a country singer – not a pop-star. This album reveals just how much she’s musically matured.

“Fireflies” is sure to top the charts.

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