RATING: 3 1/2 CDs
Play This: “Sooner Than Later”
Skip This: “On Again Off Again”

As yet another hurricane approaches the Florida coast and more rain is soaking the immediate area, one can only wonder if the local band Bluish could have known how appropriately titled their first release would be.

While the win and rain of the hurricane season takes its toll in damage, the original songs of “The Likelihood of Storms” make it more than worth its $10 price.
First, who is Bluish?

A rock band formed in 2002, the band consists of five band members. Along with guitarist Steve Giordano and drummer Jay Engel, the Bilotti siblings (Joe on Bass, Danielle on flute and piano, and Anthony on guitar) make up one of the best quality bands Staten Island has.

Anthony Bilotti’s day job is as an Italian teacher at Monsignor Farrell High School in Oakwood and contributes to the school by heading two clubs – one that helps students master their Italian skills and the other the Guitar Club. He also organizes the school’s annual rock show.

The harmonized vocal arrangement between Danielle and Anthony is what draws you to the band. If you’ve ever seen them perform, you can see how much they get into the music. They’re on another level when they play, and they bring you along with them.

Bluish prides itself on having something rarely seen in rock music – a flute – and they should; it only adds to the emotion and harmony, making the music even more enjoyable. The songs can fit any mood as well, whether you want to rock out or just sit around and hang out with friends, Bluish delivers.

Watch the Web site – bluishband.com – for availability of the CD and upcoming shows.

CD guide
1 CD: Trash. Use it as a coaster.
2 CDs: Decent. At least the hit song is good.
3 CDs: Smashing. More than a few hits.
4 CDs: Instant classic. Go out and get it now.

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