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A Fresh Start

Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

I should explain. About a year ago, after having been mostly M.I.A. for two years, I shared an update on my personal life and what I had been up to during that time. This update was intended to be my turning point; I’d made it my New Year’s Resolution to have a more active online presence (blog more often, add more designs to my Society6 shop, that sort of thing). Oh, how I should have known! New Year’s Resolutions NEVER come true!

This time, however, I’m back and ready to commit. Right after Christmas (but still during my vacation), I decided to leave Tumblr and – after careful deliberation – host my own WordPress blog. Then began the arduous process of migrating, updating styles, tags, and categories to my new blog’s home and URL. While Tumblr had served it’s purpose (for over 6 years!), it just felt like it was the wrong place for me to host a focused blog. Despite spending that many years at Tumblr, I never really found my niche as a blogger so I’ve decided I’m going to be strict about maintaining an overall theme here. I’m officially branding this little corner of the web as my personal lifestyle blog with some emphasis on the topics I’m most interested in: Entertainment & Tech.

Since I would no longer be blogging on Tumblr, it only made sense to move my portfolio to another platform. I decided to go with Adobe Portfolio, since it’s included as part of my Adobe Creative Cloud plan. While there are definitely things I don’t love about the platform, it’s still rather new, so I’m going to be staying there for now. If you’re interested in the new updates I’ve made, it’s now up and running here.

Forget resolutions! I do actually care about running this blog, updating my shop, and having a social media presence. I’m sticking with it, this time. Hold me to that!