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Five Reasons Why Glee is Terrible

Well, this season at least…

o5. New people, new people, new people

Most series (unless it’s a reality competition style show) generally like to have a “main cast” which consists of a select number of starring roles, and some guest roles. Glee seems to disregard this general rule and gives a good chunk of screen time to just about anyone who is interested in being on television. Cut it out. These newcomers to the Glee Club are for the most part lacking in the talent department (some can sing, some can dance, some can act… but never a combination and definitely never well enough to keep up with the older cast members) and are so incredibly forgettable that it’s painful to try remembering all of their names.

o4. Graduated but just won’t leave

If you’re going to have some of the cast graduate, let them spread their wings and fly from the nest. Okay, I’ll grant you dream team Rachel and Kurt moving to New York and giving us a glimpse into their lives and I’ll even allow you Finn staying on as Mr. Schuester’s temporary replacement. But NYADA should have been presented as a possible spin-off and if the audience digged it (I think we all do) make it happen. If Private Practice could happen, so could this. But everyone else needs to move on to bigger and better things to allow room for the cast that’s actually staying on.

o3. Continuity

This show is full of forgotten storylines and ideas that were never really all that strong to begin with but still managed to weasel their way in. Is Sue Sylvester the villain of the show still? Is she even still at McKinley? We like her, bring her back. Lauren Zizes is back? That’s great! Oh, don’t worry… there’s absolutely no reason to explain why she’s been missing in action since October of 2011. But whatever, we’ll just magically “get it.”

o2. “Unique” needs to go

This one is self explanatory. I’m all for diversity in the Glee Club and even better, on television in general, but is Unique really worth it? Sure, Alex Newell is talented and boy, can he sing. Unfortunately, though, we already know who Newell is from his stint on The Glee Project. Fun fact: he won a two-episode arc because he was runner up on the reality competition show. Again, he’s talented – but is it really okay for a show like Glee which promotes the messages that it does to reward an actor who portrayed everything BUT what Glee is about (and what messages it hopes to send to youth) and showed absolutely no good sportsmanship throughout the entire competition. I was disappointed that he won the two-episode arc, but now that he is in 12 episodes (according to his IMDb page) with no signs of going away, I’m just flat-out disgusted.

o1. We all know what the attention has switched to


(Not that I’m complaining.)