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S Club 7 Have Reunited & Everything is Perfect

You may not know this about me, but I am a hardcore addict fan of S Club 7. So much so that my best friend and I used to run fan sites for the group when we were younger. If you’ve ever heard of S Club Castle or S Club 7 NY, that was us.

Yes, I’m being that guy. Everyone should be that guy. Because S Club 7 have just reunited for BBC’s Children in Need. This day is historical.

And “rumor has it there’s a big S Club 7 press conference on Monday” (according to my best friend and fellow S Club 7 fanatic, Kim). Bow down. When will your faves? Who run the world? S Club.

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Chasing The Saturdays

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Tina Barrett, of S Club 7 fame has finally released her debut single “Fire” as a solo artist, years after the split of the band. Growing up, I was a huge S Club 7 fan and I am not…