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This past Saturday I went to Terminal 5 for the last day of the Scissor Sisters tour, and it was phenomenal. Unfortunately, I’m not as familiar with their older music so I couldn’t jam out as much to the those performances (partly because the sound in this location wasn’t as good as other venues, so it was a little harder to hear). However, the rest of the concert had me dancing and singing along.

I didn’t even know that Scissor Sisters were going to be playing nearby until I saw that a friend on Twitter had just bought tickets. At the concert, I met a few of her friends and one that I had met a long time ago. As I was saying to one of them, I’m not used to this type of concert so it was a completely different atmosphere and I enjoyed the new type of experience. The opening act, Rye Rye, was really great too. She, along with two dancers, were dancing pretty crazily and it was definitely a crowd pleaser. I think Rye Rye was a great choice for an opening act because she was really good at getting the crowd interested and pumped up for the headliners. Look forward to hearing more from her.

Scissor Sisters played two of my favorite songs, Running Out and Any Which Way, but they neglected to play one of my all-time favorites from them, Whole New Way! I was really rather shocked that they left that one out of the setlist, because I feel like it must be a fantastic song to perform (and it has more listeners on than Running Out does).

And, of course, the most anticipated performance (or so it seemed) of the night was Let’s Have A Kiki. Some people realized they were about to play it when the background was video of a rainy street, but I caught on when the phone ringing began. I swear, the crowd went absolutely crazy and it was fun seeing it dawn on others around the venue. I’d tell you to buy tickets to the show, but unfortunately you’re going to have to wait until the next time they’re back in the States and Canada. If you’re located elsewhere, you can check to see if they’ll be playing near you here.

And then at the end of the concert, everyone walked outside to be greeted by pouring rain. Well, you know how Kiki begins…