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Total Blackout

When I had first seen the previews for Syfy’s Total Blackout, I thought it was going to be a scary show and was just going to show creepy things like people eating bugs. While this show is definitely not going to be winning any awards for best reality television series, it’s great for those nights you just want to slump into the couch and laugh at others being honestly terrified.

The above video is a clip from the first episode I watched (if you subscribe to Verizon Fios, it’s available on demand for free), where siblings compete for the $5,000 prize. As you saw, they are put into a room with absolutely no light and have to guess different things using their other senses. Sometimes they’ll be guessing what an object is or what it weighs – all by either tasting it or touching it.

Don’t have Fios? You can also watch it here on YouTube.