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Grow As We Go

Ben Platt’s Grow As We Go

I didn’t know much about Ben Platt until he was already departing the company of Dear Evan Hansen. While I’m disappointed that I missed seeing him the role, I fell in love with his vocals on the original cast recording soundtrack.

I couldn’t believe he hadn’t released a solo album yet. Now, he has–and it is terrific. Listen to Sing To Me Instead, out now!


An Interview with Danny Malone

  Danny Malone is a singer-songwriter from Austin, Texas whose newest release, SpeedDreamer, is available today. With three albums and over 700k combined YouTube views on his various music videos, we’ve come to expect a lot from Danny. And…

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Yo Ho Sebastian!

A few months back, I fell in love with Cosmo Jarvis’ “Gay Pirates” and it’s one of the first gay-themed love songs I have ever heard. And it will be incredibly hard to top, as I listened to it…

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Chasing The Saturdays

Are you excited about The Saturdays finally taking on the USA? As someone who has been a fan of The Saturdays since their formation in 2007, I am so excited to see them gaining recognition over here in the…

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In Currents

Have you seen The Early November’s newest music video for their song “In Currents” yet? I’m in love.…


Scissor Sisters

This past Saturday I went to Terminal 5 for the last day of the Scissor Sisters tour, and it was phenomenal. Unfortunately, I’m not as familiar with their older music so I couldn’t jam out as much to the…


Seamless App (99¢)

I found this app the other day called Seamless, and I have to say, it’s definitely well worth the 99 cents. Basically, if you have the same song or playlist synced to your mobile device and your computer you…

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United States of Pop: 2011

It’s here y’all! Check out the incredible DJ Earworm’s United States of Pop 2011 (World Go Boom). You can even download this song on his website! If you haven’t heard of the United States of Pop series – be…