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Set Design: White Collar

Earlier this year I was turned on to the crime/drama television show White Collar by fellow TV lover NeptunePirate and fell in love. It’s actually quite similar to another show I enjoy, Suits, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that many fans of both shows are interested in a crossover.

Interior design has always been an interest of mine, so much so that I was disappointed that there were no relevant courses offered in the film program at my alma mater. As you can imagine, I pay attention to the set design of every television show I watch. White Collar was no exception, though one might expect it to be a bit boring or understated.

Yes, some of the set locations are a little bland (the FBI office, for instance) but the same cannot be said for the Burke’s apartment or Neal’s apartment. The video above is a set tour by Willie Garson, who plays Mozzie, and I believe he did a good job at explaining some of the camera tricks used as well as giving a pretty in-depth look at Neal’s and Peter’s world.

My favorite set is definitely Peter and Elizabeth’s apartment as you can see below or at White Collar Lexicon, which has some nice screen captures.

Production Design sketch, Jeff Eastin’s Twitpics (click for full-size) 


Ikea App

Okay, so apparently the Ikea iPad app was updated or released in August of 2011. But I just downloaded the 2012 catalog the other night… and instantly fell in love. While the iPhone app is nice and informative, the…