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Ikea App

Okay, so apparently the Ikea iPad app was updated or released in August of 2011. But I just downloaded the 2012 catalog the other night… and instantly fell in love. While the iPhone app is nice and informative, the iPad app blows it out of the water.

Download the app, and you can swipe through the pages of the catalog just as you could on the paper version. The photos and text are stunning on my iPad 2 screen, so if you’d prefer to look through the catalog on your device rather than using the paper version, this app is a fine alternative.

In addition, there are a few extra features I was really excited about. Almost every page has the ability to swipe up to access more content, which I thought was an excellent way to add more information without overwhelming the user. Some of the pages have a music track you can toggle on or off (not the best feature, but it’s an extra regardless). A good amount of pages have the ability to play a short video hosted by an Ikea interior designer explaining the space portrayed on that specific page. Plus, there are extra photos, prices, and information about the products featured on those pages.

When I received the 2012 catalog in the mail way-back-when I was really underwhelmed, but after looking at the same catalog using this app I’m already planning my next trip to the store.

Download the app here