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My #newtoWHO story

I’m really resistant to the things that are popular amongst my peers, and have been for as long as I can remember. So when a few of my friends suggested I watch Doctor Who – or just said they were a fan – I just didn’t get it. I had seen mentions of it online, including on YouTube by Charlie McDonnell and Alex Day I wasn’t the biggest fan of science fiction at the time, and I just didn’t understand why “the Doctor” was a different person sometimes and why he was even called “the Doctor” and what that even meant.

After joining Tumblr it was near impossible to avoid seeing glimpses into the series, and after spending a night talking to my Whovian friend about the overall idea of Doctor Who and why it’s worth checking out, I finally caved and decided to watch. I added the entire series (from the reboot) to my Netflix queue and slowly started watching a few episodes. But once I heard that the spinoff series, Torchwood, had gay characters and storylines I put watching Doctor Who on hold and started watching that instead. After getting pretty far along into Torchwood, though, I decided to start watching Doctor Who once again.

I think the episode that really convinced me to stay watching the show instead of giving up was “Boom Town” from season one. I enjoyed seeing one of the monsters again, even though I didn’t like this particular monster the first time, because it kind of brought things full circle. And I started really paying attention to the phrase that was scattered across that season for the first time. I found myself wanting to find out more, and there was always that itch I needed to scratch – so I couldn’t give up at that point. And after the second season’s finale, I was hooked. I was surprised at how invested I had become in the characters and the show as a whole, and at that point, I recognized that I am a Whovian.

According to Netflix, I started watching Doctor Who last year on October 29th and I watched “Boom Town” on December 21st. I’m still pretty #newtoWHO but I’m all caught up now. Are you #newtoWho? Let me know in the comments! Are you a Whovian? Which Doctor is your favorite? Which companion? Mine is the 10th Doctor, and Ms. Donna Noble is my absolute favorite companion. If your story has spoilers, please let those who are #newtoWHO know at the beginning of your comment so they can experience the series fresh!