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Adventures in Subway Artwork

I have never been a fan of public transportation. One time as I was making my way home from a particularly grueling day at high school, I was on the train leaning against the wall and the train doors…


Hedwig and the Angry Inch

At Open House New York last year, Andy and I learned of “Nothing to Hide,” the magic show directed by Neil Patrick Harris. We had planned to go, but we weren’t entirely sure if he would be performing himself…


Moose Sighting

I’m currently on vacation in New Hampshire with my boyfriend and his family, and last night we went on a Moose Tour by Pemi Valley Tours. Here’s what we saw minus a few deer. Such an exciting night!…


Sterek or Treat!

Last weekend my boyfriend and his roommate threw a rooftop Halloween party (you can see the photos over on Instagram). Since both of us are big fans of MTV’s Teen Wolf we decided to go as the ultimate couples…


Ladies Nights

Yesterday morning, while driving to my part-time job, I tuned into Z100 and they were playing an older episode of Elvis Duran and the Morning Show. If the topics are good I’ll usually listen in instead of turning on…


Coming Out

A friend of mine just posted this online and thanked me and a few others for helping him come out of the closet and finally have the courage to tell his family – the most important people in your…