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Heaven is one of my favorite songs from Troye Sivan’s album, Blue Neighborhood, in part because it features the fabulous Betty Who, but because of it’s message. It can be incredibly difficult to understand and accept your sexual orientation, and coming out is not an easy process. As gay people, we experience two realities. One of love and acceptance, where we know deep down in our core that what we feel is true. And another reality where we are simply misunderstood, and told that our lives are wrong or dirty. A reality where fighting for equal rights – and acceptance – is a necessity. I think Troye expresses that thought in this song and video, while also bringing religion into it.

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Wear Sunscreen

This short by Laura Spotteck is one of my favorites from the 2009 Student Film and Video Festival at my alma mater, Adelphi University. I just wish I remembered it this past weekend when I went to Coney Island.…

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It’s funny, you’re the only one…

This is one of the first few songs I had ever heard from Broadcast 2000, and I got a kick out of this video for their song “Don’t Weigh Me Down.” I liked the bands music so much that…

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Yo Ho Sebastian!

A few months back, I fell in love with Cosmo Jarvis’ “Gay Pirates” and it’s one of the first gay-themed love songs I have ever heard. And it will be incredibly hard to top, as I listened to it…

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Chasing The Saturdays

Are you excited about The Saturdays finally taking on the USA? As someone who has been a fan of The Saturdays since their formation in 2007, I am so excited to see them gaining recognition over here in the…

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United States of Pop: 2012

It’s here, again! DJ Earworm, known for his annual mashups of the chart-topping hits of the year, has released his anticipated United States of Pop 2012 (Shine Brighter). Watch and listen above and let me know what you think.…

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In Currents

Have you seen The Early November’s newest music video for their song “In Currents” yet? I’m in love.…

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Tina Barrett, of S Club 7 fame has finally released her debut single “Fire” as a solo artist, years after the split of the band. Growing up, I was a huge S Club 7 fan and I am not…