Thank You For Being A Friend

I had such a nice weekend.

Andy & I recently bought a board game, Clue: Golden Girls (to go with our newfound obsession with watching reruns of The Golden Girls), and invited a few friends over for a game night. This is the second time we’ve hosted a themed game night (the first was Murder, She Wrote), and we go all out: We craft specialty cocktails, tailor our food/snacks to the theme, and sometimes even tailor the decor!

The “gayme night” invitation I created

Because we’re crazy, we ended up with another Golden Girls game (Golden Girls Trivia) to play, thanks to an impulse buy on a “quick” Target run. Clue is one of my favorite board games because it’s the type of board game I feel is easy for many people to pick up, so we actually own a few incarnations of the original game.

Two of our friends who came, I’ve known since college, so the night also turned into a mini-reunion of sorts. It was so much fun to reminsce about the old days and learn some new things about each other and our former classmates.

We started out with the trivia game, even though our friends were hesitant about—we do have 70 episodes on our DVR and watch almost nightly—but everyone seemed to have a pretty good grip on the show (or were just lucky guessers).

After playing trivia, we took a break for some snacks – as Blanche, Rose, Dorothy, and Sophia regularly do on the series. Naturally, we had cheesecake, sliced fruit, and some other party food. We also crafted two cocktails based off of two of the characters: A Rosé-Lemonade & a Petrillo (check out the recipes below).

Getting down into the actual Clue game was a lot of fun. Even though it’s my favorite game, I’m devastatingly bad at it. I can never remember to keep track of what cards have been shown (and to who), so I always lose. But this time, I took better track of what I should have. It turned out I was steps away from knowing who it was that stole the last piece of cheesecake, but was beat out by one player’s move. Isn’t that the worst?

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