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A few months before my boyfriend and I went on our very first date, I had already fallen in love: with The OutsThe web series, by Adam Goldman, is a story about a really rough breakup between two men and how they overcome it. The people behind the series have been receiving a lot of much deserved recognition, which is exciting because I am clearly a big fan.

Imagine my excitement when my boyfriend, after being forced to watch with me, realized that many of the locations were around his neighborhood. No, seriously. Imagine it. After finishing all 7 episodes, we mapped out all of the restaurants and businesses they had shot scenes in. And then, because we probably have some serious boundary issues when it comes to fandom, we found the building that was used in the exterior scenes of Mitchell’s (played by Goldman) apartment. The Outs Tour, which you may have seen as a hashtag on a few of my recent Instagram posts, had officially been born.

And because I’m just that kind of guy, I’ll share it with you:

1. PeteZaaz

766 Classon Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

EDIT: PeteZaaz is now closed

Pizzas. I think we were both a little nervous since this was our first stop and we weren’t even sure what we wanted out of the tour yet. We ordered two cokes and a ½ “Brooklyn” (regular) and ½ Baked Potato pie and it was so delicious. The weather was still warm at this point, so we eat outside in the backyard. There were a few picnic tables and candles to illuminate the area since it was already dark but we couldn’t really tell what else was there (besides an adorable cat who refused our fellow diners’ crust). Plus, it was a cute place to start the tour because Mitchell had a first date here – even though I’d say ours went a bit better than his.


2. Tom’s Restaurant

782 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Tom’s Restaurant was not at all what I had expected, especially from the its appearance on the show where a few of the characters met up for food – it seemed like it would be a quiet but quirky diner that not many people knew of. My boyfriend, however, had been there before and told me that there would be a long line. There was. Once inside, we ordered (chocolate chip pancakes and a vanilla egg cream for me, cinnamon pancakes and milk for him) and you were able to really take in the decor and atmosphere of the place. It was nice, but I wouldn’t order the chocolate pancakes again because they were way too filling so I didn’t get to eat much.


3. Wino(t)

796 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn, NY

This place was really significant for me. My favorite character, the fabulous Oona, worked there. Like her, I’m not that big of a wine drinker although it is starting to grow on me and this was a perfect place to buy my first bottle of wine. We bought a riesling (Shine by Heinz Eifel) and it was thoroughly enjoyed over an episode or two of Teen Wolf. High class.


4. Mitchell’s Apartment

This one is credited entirely to my boyfriend because he somehow was able to find the address of Mitchell’s apartment (or, at least where they shot the exterior scenes). You don’t know the meaning of “awkward” until you take a few photos outside someone else’s apartment. But there was no way we were letting this photo-op slip through our fingers.


5. Glass Shop

766 Classon Ave, Brooklyn, NY

EDIT: Glass Shop is now closed

I really enjoyed this coffee shop because it, honestly, just felt so calm and charming. There were others with us doing work on their laptops while enjoying a nice cup of coffee. You may have noticed that they share an address with PeteZaaz. They also share a backyard (which is where we eat, again, but in the morning with lots of light to show us how beautiful the garden back there is). While two of the characters met up to talk about their relationship here, the beautiful backyard was not shown. We shared 2 croissants and I had what is possibly the best mocha I have ever tasted.


6. Outpost Lounge

1014 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY

EDIT: Outpost Lounge is now closed

Okay, okay. I have a confession. We (as you may have noticed from my Instagram) actually went to the Outpost Lounge last, it probably makes more sense to leave Ugly Luggage for the final stop (unless you’re coming from that side of Brooklyn, of course). This location was used for in the last scene of the final episode, where the two main characters meet for coffee. Since this was technically our final stop, it holds special meaning for me. It was getting kind of late and the sun was starting to go down. It wasn’t too cold out since the front windows were open, and we sat right there looking out on what is normally a busy Fulton Street and enjoyed a quiet meal together. He ordered a green apple juice with a brie and green apple sandwich while I had a ginger green apple lemonade with a banana, peanut butter, and honey sandwich. Both of our sandwiches came with a side of green apple slices with caramel dipping sauce which pretty much sealed the deal for me: this place was going to become a regular destination (seeing that it was heaven on earth and all).Side note: After you order and are ready to pay, the employee turns their iPad-turned-cashregister over to you and you pay for your food that way. Plus, I was able to have the receipt e-mailed to me. High-tech and environment friendly!


7. Ugly Luggage

214 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY

EDIT: Ugly Luggage is now closed

This location might be a little less known for those of you who have watched The Outs. Paul “Scruffy” (Tommy Heleringer) is its sole visitor and the scene it is in was very short because Scruffy receives a phone call from Jack (Hunter Canning). That didn’t stop us. My boyfriend bought a picture frame and I refrained from buying a typewriter that I had no right (or leeway in my budget) to buy. And while it was an incredibly tiny thrift shop, it was packed. And quite a few sales were made in the amount of time we spent there. Definitely worth the trip out to Williamsburg.


And there you have it. The full tour – along with totally rad animated map which took an embarrassingly long time to make (Seriously, After Effects was unkind). Now it’s your turn… Just remember to tag your posts #TheOutsTour so we’ll know if you enjoyed it!

And as they say, “Just because it’s over doesn’t mean you’re over it.

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    April 24, 2020 at 4:45 am

    Great little tour! Well done boys. The Outs is an amazing series (I’m very late getting onto it, but I’m so glad I did) and is thoroughly deserving of such a tribute – not to mention slightly stalkerish behaviour. 🙂 I’m wondering if you know anything about “The Metropolitan”, the club or bar where Jack first meets Scruffy, and whether it really exists?

    • Reply
      June 10, 2020 at 12:29 pm

      Thank you so much for the kind words! While we were doing our research, we were unable to find any information on the bar and therefore have no helpful information to provide. Unfortunately, a lot of the locations used are no longer in business so we are happy we were able to visit when they were still open. The filmmakers and actors are easily found on social media, so you could always reach out to them if you’re itching to learn more. We’re still holding out for another season!

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