My Top 5 Science Fiction Shows

o1. Doctor Who

I was first introduced to Doctor Who here on Tumblr and had no interest in seeing it. Many friends of mine told me I would love it and that I should give it a shot, but I didn’t until last summer – and now I love it. It’s such a hard show to explain, in my opinion, but basically it began in 1963, ended after a long run, and returned in 2005. It follows the adventures of The Doctor and his companion(s) as they travel across time and space trying to help civilizations while dealing with various villains. Some episodes are really bad, many are really good, but Whovians love them all equally (but I’ll leave Charlie McDonnell to explain that). Why should you watch? I think each person who discovers their love for Doctor Who has to do it on their own terms. For instance, it took me quite awhile to give in and watch it. Others will welcome it easily. If you hate scifi shows, you may really enjoy this show just because of all the characters and experiences shown. If you love scifi, you’ll adore the technology and ideas throughout the series. But above all, you will love bow down to your queen, Donna Noble.

o2. Torchwood

Torchwood is actually a spin-off show from Doctor Who but almost never shows The Doctor, so if you’re not a fan, you might still enjoy this show. It chronicles the life experiences of Captain Jack Harkness, a former time traveling con-man, who deals with aliens while fighting to save the world. The age demographic for this show is much older than for Doctor Who, and deals with sexuality (Jack isn’t heterosexual) and other topics. Why should you watch? I personally loved the first two seasons, and wasn’t the biggest fan of the next two (it’s currently on hiatus – I don’t believe it’s officially been cancelled) because of the major changes that took place. I truly loved watching this show because of the different storylines that were included with the major one. I fell in love with the characters and was more invested in the show than I was with Doctor Who at the beginning. I think that it’s a good recommendation for any science fiction fan, especially if you like strong female characters and good inclusion of non-heterosexual characters.

o3. Primeval

Primeval is a really cool series because it follows a team of scientists who discover and then deal with these anomalies, or portals that link the present to the past as well as the future, that temporarily pop up all over Great Britain. The team then is faced with the task of handling the proper care of these anomalies and the creatures that pass through them (including dinosaurs and futuristic animals) – all while attempting to keep it a secret from the general public. Why should you watch? Honestly the only reason I heard of and decided to watch was because former S Club (7) member, Hannah Spearritt, is one of the main actresses in the show. But I continued watching because the characters are incredibly likable and humorous, plus the storylines are just excellent.

o4. Misfits

Misfits is a bit strange because it feels more like a regular drama with a scifi presence, rather than a science fiction show with drama. It follows a group of young adults serving out court-ordered community service – but a storm ends up giving them special powers. The majority of the show is them coping with these new powers while still serving their time – and getting into much, much more trouble. Why should you watch? I am not caught up on the most recent season, so I can’t speak for it. But what I have seen was really great. A good amount of suspense and a lot of comedy. The writing and acting in this show is very appealing to me, I suppose because it just comes across as so different. It’s like having modern day superheroes that are juvenile delinquents.

o5. Alphas

If I remember correctly, my father was the one to recommend we watch this show. We both really enjoy it because it’s a good mix of scifi and crime/mystery. Alphas revolves around a team of extraordinarily talented people who use their “gifts” to help people and essentially fight crime. Why should you watch? I look forward to watching the upcoming season premiere, and I generally would look forward to each episode last season. Like Misfits, it sometimes feels as if it’s less science fiction than it’s other genre. Still, it’s a great show because it really reels in the viewers with both genres. The best reason to watch this show, however, is Gary Bell – once you meet him, you’ll realize how exceptional his character really is.

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